Our Mission and Vision

MISSION:  The mission of the Costa Rica Recovery Foundation is to raise funds to initiate and sustain programs that lead to recovery in the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by alcoholism, drug dependency and related conditions.  Programs supported will include education, prevention and treatment.

VISION: Costa Rica Recovery Foundation will be a resource for those who advocate for prevention and treatment of alcoholism, drug dependency and related conditions for ALL segments of the population and will strive to become a beacon of recovery in our community.


• We believe chemical dependency is a chronic disease or disorder requiring a lifelong holistic treatment approach.

• We believe treatment should be given by a multidisciplinary team.

• We respect the dignity and individuality of all persons.

• We seek to help each person achieve his or her full potential.

• We are committed to a twelve step philosophy and a mutual support system.

• We believe our mission is best served by supporting services and products as needed throughout the continuum of care.

• We believe in being leaders, requiring professional behavior, caring and integrity from all employees, volunteers and service providers.

• We promote innovation and teamwork as keys to achieving our mission.

• We are dedicated to serving people through planned growth and are committed to being responsible stewards of our resources.